6 health benefits of moringa

6 health benefits of moringa

6 Health Benefits of Moringa 

Moringa leaves also known as drumstick leaves, the plant of moringa leaves also known as the Miracle Tree. It is widely distributed to all over the world.
Readily found in India also. Moringa leaves are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants.
Most important thing is that these are cheap, inexpensive as well as very nutritious and easily found anywhere. A low economical community can easily get nutritious from it.
All parts of moringa leaves of trees are edible, their flower, stem, leaves, bark, and all are edible. Especially south Indian people have known all parts and their delicious recipes.
Moringa leaves contain many nutritional properties, and it has not only 6 health benefits but many more that help to cure so many diseases.

Nutritive Value of Moringa and their 6 health benefits

all dried and fresh moringa has great nutritional value, such as both are great sources of vitamin A, C, and E. it has potassium which is 7 times more than the bananas,
calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and only the dried moringa leaves contain vitamin B1 means thiamin.

Following are These 6 Health Benefits of Moringa:-

1.best health benefits of moringa For Weight Loss:-
 If you want to lose your weight without getting deficient in vitamins and nutritious, then moringa leaves will help you. Drink tea which is made from moringa leaves every day in in the early morning.
It works on weight loss, it increases your weight loss and because of contaning vitamin C,
its power of losing weight gets doubled. along with that moringa tea also improves your gut health also.
So drink moringa tea every day.
2. health benefits of moringa for Detoxifying your body:-
It has strong antioxidant properties, and hence, it helps to kill free radicals as well as cleans your liver and detoxifying it. If you want to detoxify your body,
then drink moringa leaves extract water or simply add moringa leaf powder in hot lukewarm water to cleanse your liver and remove toxins from it.
3. health benefits of moringa for long and thick hair:-
Moringa leaves are a powerhouse of vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, and packed with a good amount of amino acids that are needed for long and thick hair. 
The protein which is known as keratin also present in moringa leaves
actually works good on hair, so for getting long and thick hair to apply moringa leaf powder pack on your hair.
4.For good and healthy skin:-Because it containing a good amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals which is needed for nourishing your skin and prevented It from anti-aging.
so for getting healthy skin and preventing the anti-aging process applies
a moringa leaf face pack on your skin every day and the result will be shocking for you.
5.  health benefits of moringa For Digestion:-
It contains a good amount of fiber as well as vitamin C that will help you for improving your gut health and preventing from constipation and
its ant-inflammatory property prevent your body from stomach ulcers and mild infection also.
6. health benefits of moringa For good sleep:-
Moringa leaves not only rich in vitamins and minerals but it has a protein that is helpful for real sing good transmitters and boosts your mood
as well as stimulates your body with feel-good hormones and which helps fight against insomnia.
So if you want to get a good proper sleep pattern and prevent insomnia chew 2-3 leaves of moringa or drink moringa powder before going to bed.
Summary of these 6  health benefits of moringa:-
Moringa leaves rich in calcium, iron, protein and it has seven times more vitamin C than the oranges and 15 times more of potassium than the banana, so you imagine how nutritious is that.
Though it is nutrition’s dense if you have some chronic kidney diseases or heart diseases or pregnancy and other conditions before consuming it,
first you consult your doctor for preventing any complication because it has anti-fertility property and some mild side effects.
moringa has a powerful antibacterial and antifungal property which helps to fight against Herpes and HIV infection also.it helps to enhance cancer chemotherapy treatment.
it has a powerful antioxidant activity that helps to reduced cancer cells and Neutralizing free radicals which they respond to damage DNA  and cells.
it protects kidneys diseases because it contains calcium oxalate,
but not kidney stone causing oxalate, it is nonsoluble which easily excrete without getting tension of kidney stone.
it helps to heal your wounds, it forms the collagen lever over the infected area,
just apply extracted moring leaves oil on that surface area.
these 6 health benefits of moringa are really beneficial for getting enough nutrition if we can say maximum health benefits.
and these 6 health benefits are really too good for our overall good health.
increase the intake of moringa in any recipes such as moringa paratha, moringa leaves sabzi, moringa leaves chutney, and get these 6 health benefits of moringa leaves. forgetting these 6 health benefits of moringa not so difficult, because the tree of moringa can be grown any all regions of India and the tree does not need any special environment for their growth.

important note:- before you get these 6 health benefits of moringa,

remember that if you on some medication so please first consult to your dietitian before eating any source of moringa. 

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