Gluten-free diet, avoid this 7 gluten-rich food

Gluten-free diet, avoid this 7 gluten-rich food

Gluten-free diet, avoid this 7 gluten-rich food

The diet is not containing any sources of gluten is commonly known as a gluten-free diet. Gluten is a type of protein that is mainly found in wheat, rhy, barley, bread, pasta, and mainly oats, the protein of gluten is called gliadin and glutenin. In simple form when we make the dough and it becomes glue-like consistency. The gluten-free diet is complicated and it requires a completely new approach to eating and that affects a person’s entire life.

For normal people, they can be tolerated gluten-containing foods, but some people can’t tolerate gluten and these people are gluten sensitive and this medical condition is called celiac disease or gluten-sensitive enteropathy and it is an autoimmune inflammatory disease which mainly occurs in the small intestine. It usually develops within the first three years of life.


1.the child with celiac’s disease fails to thrive,

2.Losses’ appetite also has a potbelly.

3.Large and pale with offensive stools are seen.




7.Pain in joints or abdominal area,






13.Diarrhea present in some cases,


These all are the symptoms arising due to gluten intolerance is occurs.

Inadequate nutrition symptoms:-

Celiac causes malabsorption because the body does not get enough nutrition, it leads to weight loss, delayed growth missed menstrual cycle,

Also, gas formation, bone pain, joint pain, seizures, and muscle cramps occur.


The severe form of celiac disease for a long period of time are at risk for several complications due to absorption problems.

Hence, dietary management of celiac disease is important for reducing the severity of morbidities also the mortality of patients.


Providing adequate nutritious food

Restrict strictly gluten foods

Provide vitamins and mineral supplements.

Diet treatment:- Only the diet treatment of celiac disease is to follow a gluten-free diet.

And improvements begin within a few days of diet starting, hence a gluten-free diet is the lifetime solution to avoid any complication and healing damage which is oriented from the intake of gluten-rich foods if eating a small amount of gluten can be damage your intestine.

Following are the foods which contain the Gluten:-

1.Beverages:-  wheat cereal-based beverages, beer, and ale

2.Milk beverages that contain malt

3.Fats and oils:- Commercial gravies, white pasta, and white cream

4.Cereal and cereal products:- wheat, rhy,  and barley

5.Vegetables:- breaded vegetables with any of the sauces, especially white sauce

6.Fruits:- Any fillings

7.Snacks:- pizzas, pastries, samosas,mathris, etc.

Foods which are non-gluten source:-





Whole, tones, skim milk, and buttermilk




Cottage cheese,

Peanut butter,

Butter and oil


Potato flour,

Soya flour.

, popcorn,

pure corn,

All fresh vegetables, canned and cured

All fresh fruits

Milk-based sweets, without the addition of any cereals.

The celiac patient can treat their iron deficiency by taking iron supplements

Osteoporosis should be treated with calcium and vitamin D supplements

Depending on their requirements gluten-sensitive patients needed multivitamins supplements along with iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, or other nutrients.

the positive side of a gluten-free diet:-

a gluten-free diet helps to improve your digestion process. excluding gluten foods will helps to feel energetic and helps to lose weight also.

but eating a gluten-free diet leads to several important nutrients deficiencies, but if we buy fortified gluten-free, that will help us to overcome it.

eating a gluten-free diet in the long term will lead to severe constipation, for that you need to drink sufficient water along with high fiber foods.

sample menu plan for a gluten-free diet:-

breakfast:- egg omelet + a bowl of fruits + gluten-free toast or gluten-free poha+ tea or coffee

mid-morning:- gluten-free beverages.

lunch:- jawar roti or amaranth roti + chicken curry+ tomato salad+ fresh yogurt+ gluten-free rice.

mid-evening:-  a bowl full of popcorn

dinner:- vegetable soup or amaranth roti + fish curry of mixed vegetable curry

so, these all are about the gluten-free diet.

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