best 9 dietary pregnancy tips

Best 9 dietary pregnancy tips

Best 9 dietary pregnancy tips

Providing an adequate amount of nutrition before and during pregnancy has a good potential health impact than does any other time.
The main problem in pregnancy to get adequate nutrition is because of occurring nausea and vomiting. due to the oesophageal regurgitation and decreasing the emptying time of the stomach, pregnant women may experience heartburn and constipation.
Low birth weight infants have borne because of women’s low body weight and there poor nutritional status. women whose weight is less than 40 kg is delivered low birth weight babies.

These 9 best dietary pregnancy tips with Dietary recommendation for pregnant women are as follows:-

Energy demand increases during pregnancy because of the growth of the fetus, placenta, maternal tissue, increasing maternal size, and deposition of fat tissues, slow and steady rising of BMR rate during pregnancy. It increases 5 percent in 1st trimester, 12 percent during the second trimester,
The Total overall weight gain during 9 months of pregnancy ranges 10-12 kg is ideal.

 know the 9 best dietary pregnancy tips with knowing the supplementation needed during pregnancy:-

Pregnant should be trying to get nutrition from their diet, and need to take extra multivitamins and minerals supplements

know the best 9 dietary pregnancy tips with pregnancy supplementation:-

Vitamin D supplements:- It is highly essential it increases the maternal calcium absorption, deficiency of vitamin D results in neonatal hypocalcemia, and hypoplasia. But excess is also harmful like becomes atherosclerosis, hypercalcemia also mental retardation in the infants.
Vitamin A: -A daily supplementation of 6000 I. U.for about 12 weeks appears to improve serum vitamin A levels and correct vitamin A deficiency in pregnant women. Balanced vitamin A level reduces maternal mortality.
Zinc:-Deficiency of Zinc increasing the risk of fetal mortality, fetal malformation, and reduces intrauterine growth rate, risk of getting preterm delivery, and developing low birth weight babies. These complications may be arises due to the deficiency of zing level.
Iron tablets:- It advised only when if there is evidence of iron deficiency anemia occurs. Iron stores should be verified conceptually and in pregnancy. It can cause constipation and other gastrointestinal changes. also, interfere with zinc absorption.
Folic Acid:- Only these tablets recommended until the 12th week of pregnancy .the recommendation of this tablet is based on its role in promoting fetal growth and preventing the risk of macrocytic anemia of pregnancy.Water-soluble vitamins:- Because of its
water-soluble properties they can not store in the body and hence pregnant women needed high needed amount of all the
water-soluble vitamins. The requirement is slightly increasing like thiamin increases by 0.2 mg, riboflavin increases by 0.3 mg, Niacin increases by an extra 2 mg, vitamin B6 increases by an extra 0.5mg. Vitamin B12 requirement is 1 ug and it same as in pregnancy, vitamin C increases higher than 40 mg up to 80-100 is safe
Energy:- For sedentary pregnant women, it is increased by about +350  in 1900 kcal. The calorie requirement of pregnant women is mostly increasing by the latter half of pregnancy.
Protein:- addition 20-23 grams of protein may include. The normal protein intake is based on the weight of that woman means, a lady whose weight is 70 kg then her protein requirement is 70 grams, and additional 20 games are included during pregnancy.
Milk, meat, egg, cheese, fish are the complete protein and contains a high biological value, hence eating these foods is beneficial.
 know these exact best 9 dietary pregnancy tips easy to follow:-
1.Fasting should be avoided, instead of 3 big meals eat small frequent meals.
2.More fiber, more protein diet is needed for preventing constipation and complete protein requirement. After 3 months you can eat eggs daily and other non-vegetarian foods,
About 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables should be included to prevent constipation and get adequate nutrition.
3.Drink a minimum of 3 glasses of milk per day and take calcium supplements if calcium deficiency occurs
4.Getting omega 3 fatty acids include flax seeds and fish to your diet it helps to improve your baby’s brain function.
5.An adequate amount of fat should be included, for better lactation.
6.Avoid caffeine intake only you drink 2 cups of tea per more will be dangerous.
7.For getting vitamin C more fruits and vegetables are included in your diet.
8.Eat a balanced diet with minimum salt and sugar intake, avoid processed and packet foods they nutrition less, and containing bad fat.
9.Do did not go on weight loss programs it will affect ketosis on the fetus.
Some nutritious recipes with the best 9 dietary pregnancy tips to get adequate nutrition:-
Fruit and vegetable salad:- It providing enough amounts of vitamin c and fiber.
Paneer-Pulav:- it fulfills your requirement of protein, calcium, and vitamins
Dry toast, rasam, sour foods:- It helps to get relief from nausea and vomiting. 
Bonus tips for these best 9 dietary pregnancy tips
– Daily physical activity like slow walking for about an hour is important.
Take adequate sleep to balance your hormones and feel good and happy.
fluids should be taken between meals rather than along with meals
for avoiding constipation and keep bowels regular then drink plenty of water.
don’t drink too much coffee or tea during pregnancy
for getting omega 3 fatty acids includes soybean, flax seeds, and fish in your diet.
extra calories should be taken for the deposition of fats, which is useful in lactation.
intake of sodium is a moderate amount is necessary, but in case edema is present then you will restrict it otherwise don’t.
Do not skip your meal.
Drink 3 liters of water daily.
Eat fresh and home-cooked foods.
Do not get depressed
Enjoy your pregnancy and get a healthy baby…!!

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