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 we are providing  personalize diet chart and  lifestyle plans to patients for managing their clinical problems about their diet.Our major goals is to improves the nutritional awareness about food and make food more healthy and nutritious.we also managing the lifestyle disorders which is occur due to the unhealthy food practices and lack of knowledge about nutrition and food item.we provides best natural food based dietary treatment.we are passionate about helping our clients to establish a more peaceful and positive relationship with food.we are available on all social media platforms and we will provide you diet tips as well as healthy recipes ideas. 


About – Nutritionist    Puja  Ukey 
 if you want to stay fit and healthy then your  exactly in right place.
“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.”

Hey,I am puja ukey a clinical nutritionist,a health professional, i can strongly change dietary habits of an individuals or population to stay healthy and fit.we will provide the evidence-based principles and current information about nutrition.we can formulate the most appropriate nutritional therapy for each patient,individual requirment with intial metabolic,bio-chemical and anthropometric data obtained by nutritional assessment of patient.I will help people to we understanding the reasoning behind that


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