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"Fantastic service that approaches your health concerns in a holistic way looking at the whole services. I found nutritionist puja to be very honest about her clients, and really valued her experience and expertise not only with nutrition but as a medical professional. Goes above and beyond. Highly recommended".
-Rakesh Ukey
chhagan sahare
"It was a wonderful experience. The guideline and diet plan are simple to follow in daily routine. Adequate help is provided whenever a change is required."
Chhagan Sahare
anu ukey
" My lifestyle is sedentary that why i was worried about my weight gaining, but she helped me for managing my lifestyle she included some healthy habits like giving healthy snack ideas, proper calories requirement,importance of spirullina ,chia seeds and wholgrain , infusion water, herbal tea .The best part about this diet was she motivated me to have a healthy lifestyle . Also, my diet counselor was very understanding, motivating and guided me well. Thank you !! I feel happy and healthy
Anu Ukey
rajni bagde
" Dt Puja gives diet to me according to my health condition. The diet was easy to follow and I could manage with my lifestyle.i am a diabetic patient as well as suffering from hypertension she helped me a lot to managing both these conditions by giving appropriate diet plan and dietary tips, Thanks to you , i am really happy with my diet which is prescribed by nutritionist puja.
Rajani Bagde
gagan sahare
" I always want to build up my body as well as become a fit person , Puja mam was helped me a lot for achieving this goal ,she prescribed me a appropriate diet plan for me with my body condition and my food habits.now i am so happy with my body Thanking you so much mam
Gagan Sahare
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"Mam help me a lot to managing my Chronic kidney disease with diabetic problem, she always guided me for eating kidney friendly foods.Being Diabetic patient with chronic kidney failure i was very confused about my diet, but she helped me a lot for managing both these carefully Thank you so much
Chandrakala Rangari