6 best diet tips for gout

6 best diet tips for gout

6 best diet tips for gout

GOUT  Diseases, causes, symptoms, and treatment

It is a chronic disease and one of the types of arthritis.
The main cause of gout is an inherited abnormality showing in purine metabolism, hence the role of diet is very important for managing gout disease, but these 6 best diet tips really beneficial for you.
What is purine..?
Purine is a nitrogenous base that is found in nucleotides that are needed for the synthesis of DNA and RNA. 
What is the role of purine and protein in gout disease:-
Nucleoprotein is found in animal sources as well as in plant sources such as animal glandular organs, such as liver, brain kidneys, and plant yields such as grams and legumes.
And these nucleoproteins are when we have eaten it digested and converted into purines.
Then this purine is oxidized into uric acid.
Hence the uric acid is nothing but the byproduct of purines.
Also, our body synthesized protein from carbohydrates, fat, and protein which then gives rise to the uric acid level, hence these 6 best diet tips for gout are important for managing your gout disease.
This uric acid is normally flush out through the urine.
But if we take excess protein then more is the uric acid formed.
Increased levels of uric acid are not excreted in the urine hence, it deposited in our body, that will get trigger your problem hence that you should follow these 6 best diet tips.
The normal range of uric acid in our body is 2 to 7 mg per 100ml.
If the level of uric acid gets above 7 mg it leads to developing the risk of gout formation.
Sever condition of gout may developing when the uric acid level goes up to 20 mg.
Excessive intake of high purine foods responsible for developing the risk of hyperuricemia, that’s why the diet playing an important role, so know the importance of these 6 best diet tips for gout.
And hyperuricemia is not a disease not so dangerous but it can develop the risk of gout.
The excess crystal of uric acid builds up in the joint and inflammation occurs.
The excess crystals of uric acid are deposited under the skin around the joints also in the rim of the ear it also can be deposited in the area of the kidney that causes kidney stones.
Causes of Gout:-
The main reason for gout disease is the formation of excess uric acid and its deposition around the skin areas.
Along there are so many factors that are responsible for the formation of gout are as follows:-
Hereditary it is possible about 18 percent if any family members suffered it from may develop the risk of getting gout.
Mostly it is found in men, women are at lower risk to get gout.
Elderly people have more risk to develop the gut whereas children are less risky to get gout.
In obese persons, more tissues are present for protein breakdown and which is responsible for increasing the level of uric acid production.
Eating too many foods that are high in purines can also responsible for increasing uric acid levels.
If the enzymes lack whos responsible for the break down of purines developing the risk of gout.
Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of uric acid level production.

Symptoms:- for gout

Sudden and arthritic pain
Pain is mostly found in the big toe up to the leg.
In chronic conditions, the elbow or helix area can be affected.
Swelling and tenderness of joint,
pain is more severe.
Redness occurs in joint areas.
Tophi means small nodules are felt under the skin.

How to identify Gout:-

It can be easily examined by physical examination such as
Presence of redness
Skin tense,
The affected area becomes shiny with red in color.
It  associated with
 fever and lack of appetite,
Unwell feelings and discomfort pain.
The doctor takes the sample from your joint fluid they examine the presence of uric acid crystals.

Treatment:-for gout

The main objectives of the management of gout are as follows:-
As early as find the resolution of inflammation,
Prevent the risk of recurrent attacks,
Treatment is based on drug therapy along with diet.

Dietary guidelines:- for these 6 best diet tips for gout.

Low purine foods are beneficial.
Lower purine cantaining foods help to relives your symptoms,
All types of animal protein, fish, eggs, chicken, meant are high in purine,
Pulses and cereals are also high in purines so better to avoid eating these things.
You need to restrict about 100 to 150 mg of purine-rich foods per day.
Following are a list of high purine-rich foods, in severe gout you need to cut down it:- most important part of these 6 best diet tips for gout.
Read meat,
Glandular organ meat such as the brain,
Liver and hear,
All types of fish generally shellfish,
Alcohol drinking,
Pulses and dried beans.
Foods which are freely consumed by Gout patients:- with the help of these 6 best diet tips for gout:-
Refined cereals,
Fruits and its juices,
Milk and milk products,
Macron, creamy vegetable soups.
( these foods are lower in purines such as it ranges 0-50 mg per 100 gm.)
Eat moderately:-
Whole grain bread,
Wheat Bran,
Fresh seawater fish,
Pulses and legumes
( these foods contain purines in a range of 50-150 mg per 100 gm)
Avoid food high in purines:-
Organ meat such as kidneys,
Thick gravies,
Minced meat,
Dried nuts.
Food is permitted:- in these 6 best diet tips for gout
Maida and its products,
White bread,
Arrowroot aata,
cakes and pastries,
Peanut butter,
Water, juices, tea, coffee, cocoa.
Stricly excluded foods:-in these 6 best diet tips for gout are listed below:-
Fatty fish,
Yeast and beer,
All alcoholic beverages,
Meat extract,
Meat soup.
Drinking enough water helps to assist the excretion of uric acid level, also it reduces the risk of formation of kidney stones.
Drink 3 to 3.5-liter water per day.
Also, an overweight person has more risk to get hyperuricemia, hence losing weight during the initial phase of gout may helpful.
Important Note:- and these 6 best diet tips are as follows:-
1.Balance your weight,
2.Strictly avoid high purine-rich foods,
3.Eat low-fat foods, eggs, and cheese can be taken.
4.A low-fat diet is useful,
5.Avoid drinking alcohol,
6.Take an adequate amount of water or fluid. these are the 6 best diet tips for gout.
Sample menu diet chart for gout patient, along with these 6 best diet tips for gout
Tea with white bread/toast,
Dosa with thin gravy sabji of potato or cornflakes with skimmed milk or mixed arrowroot aata with wheat make roti + vegetable sabji
Mid Morning:-
Biscuites or crackers
Chapattis + rice+ paneer gravy or methi aalu sabji
Tea with Biscuits
Scrambled egg or vegetable pulao + kadhi + rice kheer, so this is a sample diet plan along with the 6 best diet tips for gout.

follow these 6 best diet tips for gout and treat your disease.

until stay fit, stay healthy..!

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