5 best benefit of flaxseed

5 best benefit of flaxseed

5 best benefit of flaxseed

Flax seeds are one of the types of super-food which are well known in all parts of India.

Generally,y flax seeds are so many nutrients contains but they are popular only because of its omega 3 fatty acids contain.

Apart from that, they are containing:-





Monounsaturated fat,

Polyunsaturated fat,



Carbohydrate and

Water-soluble vitamins such as


folate and pyridoxine

But the main good fats are present in it the omega 3 fatty acids contain.

Because the omega 3 fatty acids are mostly found in non-vegetarian foods and for vegetarian people flax seeds and black cumin seeds only these two foods containing the omega 3 fatty acids contain.

It is rich in fiber and antioxidants, lignans.

 know these 5 best benefit of flaxseed:-

Because of its containing strong antioxidants properties and dietary fiber, it fights against cancer cells. Lignans are the antioxidant property that is responsible for lowering the risk of cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

It helps to reduce the level of the skin and it prevents the risk of colon cancer.

1.Eating flaxseed is beneficial both in males and females also, so these 5 best benefit of flaxseed are good for both males and females

in a woman it prevents breast cancer, and in ma, le it prevents prostate cancer, it also preventing another type of cancer.

2. flaxseed is a great source of fiber, the most important benefits, out of 5 best benefits of flaxseed

Flax seeds cantaining both types of fiber such soluble as well as the insoluble type of fiber. 1 teaspoon of flaxseed gives near about 3 grams of fiber. Which helps to treat your constipation and weight loss.

Flaxseed is rich in fiber and antioxidants, which helps to lower the bad cholesterol level which is known as LDL, and also increases good cholesterol levels means HDL. Researches and studies show that eating flaxseeds daily helps to increase your good cholesterol level and to decrease bad cholesterol levels.

5 best benefit of flaxseed, For Blood Pressure:-

Eating daily 2 teaspoons of flaxseeds is beneficial for high blood pressure patients.

According to studies, it shows that it eating flaxseeds along with BP control medication, it shows the drastic changes about controlling your high BP level.

4. know how these 5 best benefit of flaxseed worked on  Diabetic:-

Due to the presence of a high-quality soluble and insoluble type of fiber in it, helps to maintain blood sugar level. Studies show that if a diabetic people eating 1teaspoon of flaxseed powder into their meals it helps to lower the high blood sugar level.

5. know these 5 best benefit of flaxseed to work on weight loss

It is full in fiber and good quality of protein and omega 3 fats it helps to your good digestion process.presence of fiber in it, it keeps our hunger in control.

How to eat this to get these 5 best benefit of flaxseed:-

Eating flaxseed powder is better than eating whole flax seeds.

Hence for weight loss, you make the drink of flaxseed powder into hot lukewarm water.in 1 glass of water you can add 1 teaspoon of flaxseed into it and drink it on an empty stomach. Forget good taste sens you can aad small half teaspoon of honey into it.

Use flaxseeds into your sabzi tadka or dal tadka and get these 5 and more health benefits  of flaxseed

Sprinkle some flax seeds onto apple pie.

Mixed some flax seeds into data flour and make roti from it.

Drizzle flax seeds oil onto your salad plate.

Mix flaxseed powder into any fruit juices of any beverages.

Instead of kalonji seed, you can add flax seeds on naan or kulcha.

Make peanut, chikki mixing with flaxseed powder into jaggery.

Add flaxseed onto hot oats upma or suji upma.

Make homemade garam masala by adding some spices with flaxseed.

Add flaxseed powder onto some dal vadas or takkies.

Add flaxseeds powder into dahi or yogurt.

Add then into chilla batter

You can also be adding to the Rava dosa batter.

 how to use flaxseed oil to get these 5 best benefit of flaxseed

By using the cold pressing method provides these 5 best health benefits from flaxseeds more nutrition than any other refined oil.

It has a lower smoking point, hence we can’t use it for making fried foods.

Dor salad dressing, and light cooking you can use flaxseed oil.

The nutrients of flaxseed are easily lost in hot temperatures, hence put it into cold and dark places in the kitchen.

What is the safe level of eating and getting these 5 best benefit of flaxseed:-

Eating in into moderate quantity is always safe.

The best to eat only small 3 teaspoons per day is best.

Important Note on  to get these 5 best benefit of flaxseed

Flaxseeds provide more nutrition into its ground form, which means powder forms.

Flaxseed oil and whole flaxseed provide fewer nutrients as compare to flax seed powder.

Hence for weight loss, you can make powder from and take it daily.

How to use flaxseed for weight loss:-

Pour 1 small teaspoon of powder flaxseed into a hot water glass and drink it every morning, best is drinking on an empty stomach

Homemade recipes of flaxseed powder to get  5 best benefit of flaxseed:-

First, roast the flaxseed in a big pan on low to high medium.

Until they cracker just store it and heat it.

After a few minutes it’s completely cracked out, then a lot to cool it.

After cooling it completely.

Take a mixer jar, add these cracked flax seeds into it.

Make powder and store it in an airtight container.

Use this powder to make a weight loss drink, get 5 best benefit of flaxseed:-

As well as any food preparation, and get more benefits from it.

for vegetarian people, flax is the best option for getting omega 3 fatty acids otherwise it is found in kinds of seafood especially in fish.so, vegetarian people should be eating this and get these 5 best benefits of flaxseeds.

it is also useful for treating your PCOD and all hormonal related disorders. we can say flaxseed is a superfood for, especially women. but during the pregnancy period, you should not try to get these 5 best benefits of flaxseeds. before taking it during any medication and pregnancy period you should be consulted your dietitian. so want to watch these 5 best benefit of flaxseed, follow us on youtube, and Facebook also.

Until stay fit, stay healthy..!!

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