7 best benefits of alcohol

7 best benefits of alcohol

7 best benefits of alcohol

What will happen when you drink alcohol daily.
Alcohol has no particular color but it has a specific taste and odor which obtain during the process of fermentation.

How alcohol prepared:-

and what are these 7 good benefits of alcohol
Only by the fermentation process are used for making alcohol, but varieties of alcohol are depended upon the, which type of ingredient used for making alcohol,
like whisky is made up of highly prized barley, whereas beer is made up of grains like barley and hops,
and rum is made up from molasses. All the brandies and port which they are made up from varieties of grapes.

Nutritive value of alcohol which gives these 7 best benefits of alcohol

It has not good nutritional content, it gives only the carbohydrate and around 1 grams of alcohol gives 7 kcal.
without providing any nutritional content. It provides the quickest source of energy,
it has no need to require any digestion and absorption process, and energy comes from it does not store in body but the interesting fact is that
it does not responsible for increasing too much weight gain as compared to food.
About 60 ml of three drinks providing nearly 410 kcal, whereas 1 ml of brandy gives 75 kcal… It gives you plain calories, it has a poor nutritional value,
hence drinking in excess may lead to deficiencies of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals because it only providing energy sources in the form of carbohydrate.
But habitual drinking of alcohol leads to fat storage and fat gain. befor knowing these 7 best benefits of alcohol , need to know about its side effects , which are listed below:-

Why alcohol is bad for us:-

It causes muscle weakness however not only alcohol consumption is responsible for that, due to the poor nutrition or deficiency of nutrition because only drinking alcohol is the main factor.
thouh drinking alcohol is not safe for our good health , but drinking moderate amount of alcohol gives some good health benefits and these 7 best benefits of alcohol are describe in this article but before knowing it,
know how alcohol are affected on our body.
1.Lungs:- Long term of drinking alcohol may responsible for chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis,
pneumonia and aspiration of pneumonia, tuberculosis these critical diseases may develop through drinking alcohol
2.Blood:- The size of red blood cells becomes larger, with folate deficiency due to excessive alcohol drinking.
If an alcoholic patient taking anti-inflammatory drugs, it causes bleeding in peptic ulcer diseases. Long term drinking alcohol causes decreasing platelet function and increasing bleeding.
3.Skin:- Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, leads to increasing tour body temperature because it causes dilatation of peripheral blood vessels.
and these dilated blood vessels may get harmful when drinking alcohol in extremely cold environments.
4.Cancer:-Excessive drinking of alcohol may develop the risk of getting cancer of the tongue, mouth, larynx, and lung cancer.
Alcohol responsible for developing pain at the cancer site, in carcinoid tumors, alcohol induces flushing.
5.The risk of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, lung cancer is increased by drinking beer,
and whisky different ingredients present in a different type of alcohol causes different parts of cancer.
Such excessive drinking of beer responsible for cancer of the pancreatic and rectal whereas lung cancer develop may be excessive drinking of whisky.
thse are the negative side of drinking alcohol,but now know the 7 best benefits of alcohol , which are listed below:-

Benefits of alcohol:-

1.Taking well-diluted alcohol in a very small quantity it increases your appetite
2.Doctors recommended it to drink in debilitating diseases also in convalescence during an acute illness.
3.It was also helpful in an acute attack in cardiac pain because of alcohol help to diluted coronary blood vessels. Drinking of ethanol is recommended during anesthesia.
4.Drinking alcohol in moderate keeps your heart health in good condition.
5.It helps to reduce stress but only temporarily.
6.It also helps to decreases blood pressure levels.
7.Drinking alcohol in a moderate amount helps to fight diabetes symptoms, and decreases insulin resistivity.
these all are the 7 best benefits of alcohol,are beneficial only in moderation.
But overall alcohol is not good for good health, its harmful effect is more than its 7 best benefits of alcohol.
It causes cancer risk, increases the risk of fatty liver, and most of the liver diseases are induced by drinking alcohol and it is generally known as alcoholic liver diseases.
It leads to depression and broke the person inside as well as a sometimes alcoholic person
unable to focus on job because excessive drinking of alcohol decreases brain function and reduces neurons cells.
.But another side is that drinking less alcohol in older age it helps to fight against dementia, this is a
another health benefits other than these 7 best benefits of alcohol.
Do not drink alcohol in the following disease condition:-if you will drinking in such medical condition,
then you will not get these 7 best benefits of alcohol, but worsen the condition.
Peptic Ulcer:-
 Alcohol can to a painful sore in the stomach. Whether or not drinking is causing a person’s ulcer But drinking alcohol during an ulcer can actually get the condition worse.
Viral Jaundice:-
Drinking alcohol in the long term is responsible to develop alcoholic jaundice, condition gets worst when you still drink it.
Long-term consumption of alcohol responsible for increasing blood uric acid level and increases kidney uric acid excretion. so don’t drink alcohol
in this medical conditions to get these 7 best benefits of alcohol,its harmful for your body.
Drinking alcohol 60 grams per day has a more postoperative complication and longer hospital stays.
It reduces the rate of gastric emptying and resultant, peak your blood levels, 
so , enjoy these 7 best benefits of alcohol , but drink it in moderation, otherwise you will get its negative impact on your health.

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