9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome

9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome

9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome

If you are feeling lethargic, fatigued, without getting any other symptoms, feeling always tired, 
Then you are in the right place this is nothing but a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome and in this article,
you will get the information regarding how you can treat your chronic fatigue syndrome with these 9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome  
 before going to know these 9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome first we will discuss its symptoms which are listed below:-
Muscle pain,
Wasting muscle, pain in joint,
Lack of appetite,
Lack of sleep, after waking to feel tired and lethargic,
Low level of energy,
Feeling sick,
Constant mental and physical tiredness
Some are gaining weight,
Some are losing weight,
Symptoms are complicated because it is similar to other hormonal related disorder found in woman, hence proper diagnosis is needed with these 9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome for treating the CFS.
We can say that it is a medically unexplained disease or illness.
You need some vitamins supplementation if a deficiency occurs,
An adequate amount of protein and fiber in the diet may help to slow down the symptoms.
All types of vegetables and fruits are beneficial.
Long term illness or fatigue can be responsible for weakened your immunity system.


there is no specific treatment found for  Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, no specific medication available on Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, only some vitamin supplementation and painkiller, along with proper diet and stress reliving exercise is beneficial.
depending on the origin the Chronic Fatigue Syndrom are categories into different four types. but these 9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome are beneficial for all types of CFS.

these 9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome are given below:-

1.Drinking more water doesn’t cure your problem but it’s still important, dehydrated body may worsen your problem.
2.Eating a variety of foods with healthy foods is very important.
A poorly balanced diet may worsen your problem.
Weight loss may be due to your less calorie intake or lack of appetite.
3.Breakfast options:-
Quinoa, whole wheat pasta, green moong chilla, sprouted moong and Kala chana, oats upma, ragi sheer, add chia soaked chia seed in milk or just simply on oats porridge,
The good amount of probiotics which is present in greek yogurt is very beneficial, if you can’t get it then simply you can take Dahi also,
4.Fermented foods such as idli, dosa are nutritious and anti-inflammatory.
5.Try to include berries in your mid-evening snack you can buy mixed berries online it included all types of berries goji berries, blueberries, and all.
For Lunch:-
Instead of taking plain wheat roti take Missi roti means basan ki roti.
Or jawar roti, bajra roti, or ragi roti are the best may be gluten present in wheat flour problematic to you.
But if you don’t want to replace your wheat roti then you just replace your thin powdery aata into course texture aata.
6.Eat more and more vegetables.
Instead of single dal take mixed dal, you can easily get mixed dal from super marked,
Use dried herbs such as Kasuri methi and all types of dried herbs which are rich in antioxidants and nutrients.
Beans such as rajma, lobia, pinto beans, chickpea are a great source of protein and iron.
Instead of white rice take brown rice or wholegrain basmati rice.
7.Evening snack:-
Take homemade energy bar, groundnut chikki, Kaju chikki, dark chocolate but in moderation, coconut water, bhuna Kala chana, chamomile tea, dried nuts walnut is best.
For dinner go light avoid eating rice or instead of plain rice eat mixed vegetable pulav and pulses khichdi.
8.Bedtime chamomile tea helps you get better sleep and relax your mind.
Coffee and tea strongly avoid it.
Added sugar, added salt avoid.
All processed and packed foods.
Specially refined flour, white bread, and white rice in moderation
Includes flax seed chutney in your lunch and dinner it provides you fiber and omega 3 fatty acids
Sprinkle pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and sesame seeds on oats porridge or ragi kanji
Intake of ragi helps you to get enough amount of calcium.
Avoid eating chips and all fried foods these may cause inflammation and rises cortisol level.so these are the 9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome.

so follow these 9 best diet tips for chronic fatigue syndrome, and treat your CFS at home

Get proper 7 to 9 hours sleep
Any questions regarding health and nutrition contact us and do comments
Stay healthy, stay happy..!

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