6 best health benefits of milk

6 best health benefits of milk

6 best health benefits of milk

It is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals hence milk is called complete nutrition and an important source of nutrients. before knowing these 6 health benefits of milk, must know about its nutritive value.

Nutritional value of milk:-

About 1 cup or 250  ml of milk containing 155 calories. On the basis of daily need of requirement 1 cup of milk serves near about 11 percent fat, 9 percent of cholesterol, 8.3 grams of protein, 13.26 grams sugar, calcium 22 percent, 8 percent of vitamins and 8 percent of potassium, 30 percent of carbohydrate, 49 percent of fats, 21 percent of protein these are the nutritive content of milk, also know the biological value of milk along with these 6 best health benefits of milk

The biological value of milk:-

Milk protein provides a high biological value of protein, it has growth-promoting and tissue-building properties. Eating milk with cereals or milk puddings or sago or milk rice is more nutritive than serving it to individuals.

Milk fat is 2/3 of saturated and 1/3 of unsaturated, fatty acids, but drinking skimmed milk is always a better option. know the importance of fermented milk with these 6 best health benefits of milk

importance of fermented milk:-

In the process of fermentation, lactose present in milk is converted into lactic acid by lactic acid bacteria. At the normal stage of milk, these bacteria are not present, only they are present during the time of fermentation.

These lactic acids then bind with calcium and formed calcium lactate. The type of bacteria present during fermentation decided its taste, flavors are imparted to produce butter, ghee, and cheese. now lets discuss about its 6 best health benefits of milk.

Benefits of fermented milk:-

The fermentation process is the starting point to make ghee or butter

In some people, fermented milk can better tolerate whereas unfermented milk may cause flatulence and gas.

Fermented milk contains a high amount of thiamine and riboflavin hence it is more nutritious than unfermented milk.

Milk induces diseases:- drinking milk regularly may not be safe , it induces some diseases, so knowing these 6 best health benefits for milk, know its negative side also.

Because of the high amount of protein, it is good for the growth of any culture media for partially lethal pathogens 

Common diseases which are borne by milk like



Amoebic dysentery



Poliomyelitis, and Q fever

But in some diseases, milk can be useful for treating them, following these diseases:- which gives the importance of the 6 best health benefits of milk which are listed below.

Peptic Ulcer:-

In past, people are used milk as a primary treatment for peptic ulcers. Because of its casein content, it gives a satisfactory relief of symptoms, and calcium in it stimulates acid secretion.

During the process of milk digestion when it reaches the intestine, the fat present in milk enterolactone secreted and it inhibits gastric secretion. so drinking milk in peptic ulcer is benefacial.


Acute illness and Convalescence:-

During acute illness varieties of milk like hot, cold solid, semi-solid, sweet, the liquid can be mixed with cereals and chocolates or in tea coffee, preparation of milk foods can easily changeable according to patients’ requirements.

For increasing weight:-

Weight can be increased by mixing milk with ghee, butter, it can provide extra calories. And makes energy-dense meals.

But remember that do not drink too much raw milk it can carry dangerous bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Campylobacter,  and others are cause foodborne illness, often they called “food poisoning.” These bacteria may seriously injure the health of those who they are drink raw milk or products which is made from raw milk now know these 6 best health benefits of milk.

6 best health benefits of  milk are as follows:-

1.great source of calcium:-

we know that, calcium is very important mineral for strong bones and strong teeth.

for preventing the risk of osteoporosis , we need to take enough amount of calcium in our diet, and milk and milk products are very good source of a calcium.it is a important health benefits out of these 6 best health benefits of milk.

2.for skin:-

using milk face mask, or drinking milk regularly, may helpful for get shiny , soft and young look skin because of my be the milk rich in protein , calcium and some vitamins.

3.for disease treatment:-

drinking milk regularly, reduces the risk of cancer developing. also it helps to preventing from stroke and control your high blood pressure level

4.good source of protein:-

milk containing the high biological value of protein, due to insufficient intake of protein, leads to muscle loss.

hence preventing muscle loss and want to build your muscle milk will help us.

5.for weight loss:-

milk is a good source of high quality protein and hence drinking skimmed milk daily will help to loss weight by building muscles and fat loss process.

6.for stress management:- 

milk helps to manage your stress, milk containing protein lactium, is playing the role for treating stress and providing relief from it.

these are the 6 best health benefits of drinking milk.

drinking milk is safe in some diseases but it can trigger your diseases problem in some diseases,they formed the mucous and not beneficial in cough .

so drink milk and take these 6 best health benefits of milk .

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