9 best interesting facts about the human body.

9 best interesting facts about the human body

9 best interesting facts about the human body.

*  There are about a total of 650 muscles in the human body. They are growing and strength up to the age of 25 and they started weakening.
*The biggest muscle in the Human body is the Buttock muscle, it is called as ‘ Gluteus maxims ‘
* while walking we use our 200 different muscles, during a smile about 17 muscles are used, when we stand, some muscles contract to support our standing position. now, know about these 9 best interesting facts about the human body
1.Human body tolerates up to 80 decibels is become harmful to the ears and the body.

2.One adult brain weight is about 1,408 gm.

* An average brain has about 1500 crore neurons.
3. Only the brain  needs a constant supply of blood, it it is stopped brain cell will die due to this reason stroke arises, and dead brain cells never are replaced.
* only the right brain is associated with imagery / pictures, colours , creativity, etc. and only the left brain is associated with logical thinking, language, speech, mathematical ability…
*The smaller bone in the human body is called the stirrup, which is lies inside the ear, the size is about 3 mm.

* Your muscle weight is an account for 40 percent of your total weight.

4.While walking our body uses all over 200 different muscles, during frown we use all over 40 muscle, during smile we use about 17 muscle. When standing or sitting some muscles fibers are still contract to keep these positions.
*Human body contains about 650 muscles, and they grow and increases their strength up to the age of 25 and then they gradually get weak.
5.Thigh bone is the largest bone in our body and it known as ‘femur’ .near about 48 cm long.
*About 29 bones has present in human skulls it included all the bones of the face, and the three smallest bones of the ear, only the lower jaw can be movable.
* When the bright light falls on our eyes at that time our pupil gets smaller, whereas in dim light pupils become larger.
6. Human lungs have the capacity to hold about 4 liters of air inside it.
*Maximum 15-20 years can be our bone’s cells survivable.
*Egg cell or ovum is the largest cell in our body whose diameter is 0.2 mm., whereas the smallest cells are the brain cells whose diameter is about 00.5 mm. only across all the cell bodies.
7. Our taste sense and smell senses work together. When you can’t get smell properly, same time you can’t get to taste food properly.
within a second your body continues producing approximately 25 million new cells. near about 60 percent of our body made up of water.
you will not believe in that but, it’s true that our bones are stronger than steel.

our human brain skull is made up of 20 different types of bones.

near about 700 types of enzymes are located in the human body.

7 percent of people are left-handed

our teeth containing 99 percent calcium to the overall body.

near about 100 types of different viruses are responsible for causing cold.

right lungs are more capacity to taking air than the left.

8. Near about 3000 taste buds are present in the tongue.once we are growing older our taste becomes less sensitive to taste.
so, these are 9 best interesting facts about the human body.
An adult in weight is almost 1,408 gm. in the human mouth, approximately 50,000 types of bacteria located.  you get surprised, so these are the   9 best interesting facts about the human body, which are they totally unbelievable.
*Near about 5th of all the energy which is produced in our body is uses by our brain.
Buttock muscle which is known as ‘Gluteus maxims ‘ is the largest muscle in our body.
9.A newborn baby has 330 bones, whereas an adult human has only 206 bones.
Near about 52 bones of our feet contain a quarter of all the bones in our body, which are one of the most important, from these 9 best interesting facts about the human body.
I know, that after reading, these 9 best interesting facts about the human body, you can’t believe it, but see, it’s true.
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