20 best ways to treat PCOD

20 best ways to treat PCOD

20 best ways to treat  PCOD 

What is PCOD…?…which these are 20 best ways to treat PCOD 

it is a hormonal disease, in which the size of ovaries get larger and male hormones are more dominant in female, the exact cause of PCOD still not know but it may be due to insulin resistivity, hyperandrogenism, genetics default, obesity, excessive intake of fast foods or excessive use of makeup product may be reasons for developing PCOD in women. The full form of PCOD is Polycystic Ovarian Disease, the condition in which lots of small immature eggs of ovaries turn into the cyst.

PCOD is not a serious disease, but its complications like infertility, excessive weight gain, and heavy bleeding, depression makes it difficult.

The common causes of PCOD are as follows:-


Excessive hair growth, especially in the face region,

Excessive weight gain,

Oily skin,

Irregular periods,

Discomfort in the pelvic area,


These all are the common symptoms of PCOD, and it differs from patient to patient some may suffering from hair fall, anxiety, depressed or heavy bleeding or no bleeding, if u feeling any one of these symptoms, it’s a sign of hormonal imbalance also  hence first you must visit your doctor and confirmed it

The Basic and Easy Dietary Tips

Though the exact reason for PCOD is not known yet, still it considered as a hormonal misbalancing originating disorder. Ant the diet plays a major role in balancing your hormones and has the power to reduce your complication like acne and infertility, so just follow these simple dietary tips

The 20 best ways to treat PCOD  are as follows:-

 1. Increase on takes of antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, and spices:- Cinnamon and Ginger.

  1. Increase intakes of complex carbohydrates and whole grain, with low glycolic index foods, Enrich your diet with micronutrient selenium, magnesium, and chromium.

3 Daily excursive and eating super healthy foods are truly beneficial.

4.Eat all dark-colored vegetables like dark green leafy vegetables, dark yellow-colored, and red-colored vegetables.

  1. Focused on plant-based protein like dried beans, legumes, and lentils they are balancing your hormones.

6.PCOD is showing insulin resistance, hence they needed the diabetic diet also doctors are recommended diabetic managing drugs like met forming.

7.Avoid all sugary drinks and foods, refined cereals, PCOD patients should avoid refined carbohydrates like cake, pastries, cookies, that not only fixed your PCOD but also it is benefits for weight loss.

8.Eat small but frequent meals, and drink plenty of water about 3-3.5 liter water per day.

9.Methi Dana, flax seeds, and cinnamon are the powerful spices to fix your problem, you can drink Meth Dana soaked water in the early morning and add flaxseed powder into your roti, subjoin or any food preparation they are rich in omega 3 fat. Drink cinnamon and turmeric – ginger tea after finishing your meal.

10, cereal like Oatmeal, Barley, Oats, Quinoa, Bran flakes, whole wheat porridge, multigrain attar rote is your best friend, must include your diet.

11.pulses like green Moong, Chana dal, beans, labia, and all whole pulses are very good sources of protein.

  1. Limit your dairy product, use low-fat milk, and Paneer, curd which is specially made up of low fat or skimmed milk.
  2. Include fruits to your diet like Berries, Oranges, Peaches, Papaya, Pears, Apples, and Plums are best, you can eat other fruits also but in moderate and in small portion size.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory and Dash diets are very effective. Berries, fatty fish green leafy vegetables, extra version olive oil are the best anti-inflammatory foods.
  4. Whereas Dash diet includes:-

-Natural unprocessed foods

-High fiber foods

-Fatty fish


-Red grapes, cherries

-broccoli, cauliflower

-dark chocolate

-Turmeric and cinnamon

These are the best foods for the dash diet includes these foods to your diet.

16.Increase Iron Intake:-

Because of heavy bleeding, most of the women may become iron deficient, hence increasing iron intake is necessary.

17.Increase Vitamin D intake:- vitamin deficiency is a major problem of not only the women who are suffering from PCOD but also normal women. To increase vitamin D intake by eating low-fat milk and sitting in sunlight in the morning, also you can take a supplement of vitamin D.


  1. Get proper Sleep:- sleep reduces your stress level and also balancing your hormonal level.

19.Ashwgandha is a herb that is really effective for balancing your cortisone level.


20 Zinc:- take zinc supplement or eat zinc-rich foods they help to boost your infertility

Follow these simple and easy 20 best ways to treat PCOD at home and you will be surprised when you will get results. These tips are most beneficial for reducing symptoms like acne and reduce infertility and other symptoms also.

Are these 20 best ways to treat PCOD  really helpful…?

definitely, if you follow these tips regularly you will be reverse your PCOD.  daily exercise and dedication and regularity are the help to fight against PCOD and you will get a better result.

stay fit, and healthy

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