9 best diet tips for GERD

9 best diet tips for GERD

9 best diet tips for GERD

food and acidity have a direct connection, some foods are acid-forming while some are acid relieving. these 9 best diet tips for GERD, will help you to manage your chronic acidity problem and acid reflux process.

What is GERD…?

Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases is known as GERD, in simple, GERD means regurgitation of In the long term, the most important is that the condition of the severity of GERD is related to dietary habits and lifestyle.
hence these 9 best diet tips for GERD will help you to treat your acid regurgitation problem,
other than these 9 best diet tips for fatty liver, the one important fact for managing your GERD problem is that, avoiding all the foods which trigger your problem, which makes feel you uncomfortable after eating it.
but these 9 best diet tips for GERD will help to treat your problem completely, and these are as follows:-

the 9 best diet tips for GERD are listed below:-

1.good posture
after eating your meal, keep your posture good, such as sit upside and don’t lying down immediately up to a minimum for 2 hours. you can just stand up and walk slowly. this will helps to flow acid in the correct direction. , this is most important tips out of these 9 best diet tips for GERD.
2.finishing your meal before going to sleep on the bed for at least 2 -3 hours. when you are sleeping on the bed, the lower esophagus spinacture muscles’ ability goes slow down and the stomach will unable to hold and this acid and will flow in the wrong directions.
3. avoid drinking alcohol
alcohol responsible for weak your lower spinture muscles, and they trigger your acid reflux problem.
4 eating chew gum after completing meals, will help to produce enough amount of saliva, and help to reduce the process of acid reflux.
5. don’t cut down all the foods:-
people with GERD problem thought that eating anything will trigger their problem of acid reflux, but eating the right kind of foods at the right timing, will be very important for GERD, hence these 9 best diet tips for GERD  will help you to provide the proper information regarding diet and lifestyle.
6. eat selected vegetables and fruits:-
do not avoid all the intake of vegetables and fruits avoiding citrus fruits and chilies are most triggers for GERD.
eggs and fish in low-fat cooking preparation are may be beneficial for GERD. but you notice any symptoms after eating the egg and all kinds of protein foods, limit it, or avoid it.
8. fat 
eating foods high in fats will not good for GERD, but eating healthy fats in limited quantity, will be good for you.
includes the use of olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil, flaxseed, and walnut are also good.
9.food to avoid:- all kinds of citrus foods and food products.
all kinds of chilies,
onion and
high-fat foods.
so, these are the 9 best diet tips for GERD.
along with these 9 best diet tips for GERD,  we suggested some sample diet plan,
that will help you to follow these 9 best diet tips for GERD.


Early morning :-
If possible take 1 cup of almond milk
Breakfast :-  poha without adding chillies/ idali + sambar, ( less oil and less dhal , less spices liquid consistancy)/ Roti + potato sabji without adding onion chillies and tomato,/ daliya upma / rice dosa/sabudana/aalu aratha/methi paratha/dosa/uttapum/ simple roti sabji
Mid morning:-
dahi/ fruits ( avoid citrus fruits lemon, oranges, aawala etc.), / moong sprouts/boiled Kala Chana/nuts
Lunch :-
Roti + white rice + Soyabadi Sabji/ Aalu Sabji/ Shana Sabji/ cabbage/cauliflower/fish / egg/ Bhendi/louki/ parwel ( do not add onion and tomato , u can add salt, chilli powder only in limited quantities)
Biscuits/breads/ green moong sprouts/rusk
Dinner:- It will better if your dinner is light and less spicy
Take 2 roti + mixed veg sabji ( do not add onion and tomato)/ moong dal khichdi/ Suji up/ daliya upma/ vegetable soup/Rice pulav/ Soya Badi pulav/
Eat small frequent meals instead of 3 large meals.
Less spicy foods are best.
Eat high protein for reducing the acid reflux and heartburn.
Eat All vegetables except onion, chilies, and tomato.
Do not eat all citrus fruits,
Do not eat onion , chilies, and tomatoes in sabji or any food preparation.
Don’t use too much oil in sabji or breakfast meal.
Don’t wear tight clothes.
Avoid lying down or bending down after eating.
After eating sit in vajrasana position for 5 min. And then walk slowly, don’t go for sleep until 2-3 hours.
Avoid tea, coffee, chocolate, fried and fatty foods.
Avoid all types of chilies only u can add in limited quantity instead you can use garnishing dried herbs powder for good taste.
Foods can be Eat:-
White rice, bread, biscuits, oats, suji, Quinoa, Daliya, pasta, dosa, idli, sprouts, any fermented products.
Pulses must be boiled properly before eating them:-  Kala chana, soyabean, rajma, peas, moong, masoor dal.
All types of vegetables only avoid tomatoes, onion do not add in any food preparation.
Instead of cow milk drink almond milk it is alkaline in nature which does not cause acid reflux
Eat fish, meat, chicken, boiled egg, in without adding spices or limited spices but avoid onion and tomatoes.
Limit the use of oil and sugar.

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