7 amazing health benefits of turmeric

7 amazing health benefits of turmeric

7 amazing health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric is used as a medicine is not only in India but also all over the world. Curcuma long has been traditionally used in Asian countries as a medical herb due to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, antimicrobial, and anti-cancer properties.
turmeric is a spice and well popular for making Indian foods, it not only enhances the food taste but also providing a beautifully yellow-colored to food dishes.
we know that turmeric has powerful Indian spices and its 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric will be showing for you.but still before knowing about these 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric, we will learn about its chemical structure and type of solubility.

Chemical structure:-

the chemical structure of turmeric comes from the organic compound, known as curcuminoids and they are aromatic in nature.
Chemical formula C21H20O6
Curcumin can exist in at least two tautomeric forms, such as keto and enol.
Out of which enol form is more stable by energetical in the solid phase.

The solubility of turmeric:-

It can be soluble in both acidic medium or alkali medium but it, extremely soluble in acidic medium.
It is used as a food color because it solubility in acidic medium or in its crystalline compound in bright yellow (orange).
Its different forms of activities are directly associated with their keto and enol forms.
Curcumin is abundantly found in the curcuminoids group and it consists of about 5 percent of the total composition of its Curcuma longa.

Sources of turmeric:-

The main source of curcumin is the rhizome of the curcumin tonga herb plant.
Because of the presence of curcumin in the root of turmeric, it becomes yellow in color.
And it is identified in 1900 by Lampe and Melobedzika.
Commercially turmeric extract can contain many other components.
Studies show that curcumin undergoes metabolize in different compounds of oral administration in animals.
It demonstrated poor availability because of its metabolism, may also be in humans studies on a standardized curcumin extract in colorectal cancer patients, after giving an oral dose of curcumin it undergoes metabolic -o-conjugation to curcumin glucuronide as well as curcumin sulfate.
So many studies show that curcumin metabolic has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancerous activity, and these 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric are based upon it.
Only the turmeric is highly rich in curcumin, they typically found in roots of turmeric.
How to grow turmeric at home:- for getting these 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric.
Gingers and turmeric both contain rhizomes there body part can not be differentiated into root, stem, and leaves.
They only contain the root system.
For growing turmeric at home it a little bit difficult, because the rhizomes of turmeric slightly inhibited from there growth enzymes, but first
You can buy rhizomes of turmeric in any grocery shop,
Then first sprouts them, put it into a warm and humid place
Then select out the area of sprouted and dip these areas into the upward side into the soil.
You can take soil into the pot or any wastage bucket and all, I personally choose small bucket for growing it.
After a few months later you can see small leaves are growing.
So the method of the plantation is so simple but only the problem is that in marketing available rhizomes of turmeric are treated with their growth inhibitor for increasing their shelf life. now we will discuss these 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric.

Benefits:- 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric are as follows:-

1.curcumin which is found in turmeric is strongly anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial and anti-cancerous and very useful for treating rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.
2.It has strong antioxidant properties that help to kill free radicals. Free radicals responsible to cause cardiovascular diseases. hence, its fight against all cardiovascular diseases.
3..It not only heals to fight against acne and pimples also providing good nourishment and helps to glow your skin. skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema can be treated by taking curcumin tablets. it helps to fight against mild skin infection.
4..It helps to heal your wound, because of the containing of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties it helps to heal your wound.
5.It helps to heal your cough and cold.  during cold drinking turmeric tea adding a small amount of ginger is best for treating cough and cold. this is the most well-known benefit of turmeric out of these 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric.
It also helps to lose your weight by improving your digestion and by increasing metabolic rate. for that, you just make a tea from turmeric powder or from its dried rhizomes.
7.Fresh and hydrate rhizomes are not only good for taste but also for healthy skin.
So these all are the information regarding curcumin and turmeric which gives these 7 amazing health benefits of turmeric.
Hence turmeric has these properties because of the only presence of curcumin in it.
curcumin is also available in supplement form but before taking consult to your personal dietitian or take doctor’s advice.

so, these all are 7 amazing health benefits of ginger, which improving our immunity and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

watch this video for knowing more about turmeric:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kudMIJdlMg&t=9s

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