5 best way for constipation

5 best way for constipation

5 best way for constipation

Nowadays constipation is a common problem because of changing lifestyles. Determination of exact causes is the most important part of disease management so that the proper treatment of those diseases can be given.

before knowing these 5 best way for constipation, we need to identify the exact causes of your constipation problem. commonly the constipation can occur due to reasons of constipation all are as follows:-

causes of constipation:-

1.Lack of sufficient fluid in the diet,

2.Lack of fiber in the diet,

3.Irregular hours of meals,

4.Deficiencies of some vitamins of B-group

5.Deficiencies of potassium-rich foods in the diet or loss of potassium in the body due to the use of excessive laxatives,

6.Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise,

7.Irregular evacuation habit

8.Use of laxatives

9.Irritable Bowel Syndrome,


11.Intake of iron supplements,

12.Excessive use of coffee and alcohol,

13.Irritating fried foods,

14.Mental stress,

15.Taking some medication like pain killer,

16.Changes in behavior

These all are the most common causes of constipation, before discussing these 5 best way for constipation, we need to understand the symptoms of constipation.

constipation symptoms:-

passing less than 3 or 4 times stool in whole week.

very hard stool

during passing stool feeling painful in the abdominal area,

feeling fullness in the stomach,

during evacuation need to applying pressure to passing the stool. these are the few common symptoms of constipation.

factors which increases the risk of constipation:- knowing the risk factors to develop constipation is important for not only to preventing constipation but for applying these 5 best way for constipation.

constipation in pregnancy:-

these 5 best way for constipation are safe in pregnancy also but you must consult to your personal dietitian, because it is a very complicated phase, and before taking any medicine and drugs consulting to your doctor is always a good choice

in pregnancy, due to increasing the level of hormone progesterone causes the relaxation in whole-body muscles also the muscles of digestive systems especially intestinal muscles also influenced by these hormones, and they also want to relax, hence the digestive system slows down resultant gas and constipation occur.  the increasing size of uterus due to growth of infants causing gas and constipation.

for treating constipation during pregnancy, these 5 best ways for constipation is beneficial.

Dietary management during constipation:- dietary management is the exact treatment for constipation, these 5 best ways for constipation are strictly based on diet and lifestyle management and easy to follow.

Objectives:- for treating constipation, in these 5 best way for constipation know about these objectives:-

1.To increase bowel movement and bowel evacuation

2.A well-balanced diet with high B- group vitamin and liberal fluid intake along with these 5 best way for constipation are showing very effective results.

3.The intake of dietary fiber should be increased, before discussing these 5 best ways for constipation, know about the best sources of fiber, which are listed are as follows:-

diet in constipation including these 5 best way for constipation

a.Whole grain

Whole grain containing endosperm, bran, and germ and these outer part of any grains containing more fiber than the inner part hence, they provide enough amount of fiber to your diet that will really help for treating constipation.

Sprouted Moong beans,

Whole wheat pasta,

Brown rice,


Oat bran,

Barley Khichdi,

These whole grain containing high fiber content, so they help to treat constipation along with these 5 best ways for constipation.

b.Fruits:-these fruits high in fiber and very effective during constipation are listed below:-


Eating a raw apple with skin adding extra fiber to your diet, 100 grams of one apple containing about 3 grams of fiber, also they have high water level in it so eating the apple is very effective in constipation


It containing soluble as well as the insoluble type of fiber, which help you to pass tools easily, you can eat raw prunes or eaten with smoothies, shakes, and salad

Pears:- high in fiber, one medium-sized pears containing 6 grams of fiber in it, it also containing sorbitol and fructose that help you to treat your constipation, eat raw pears, or in a fruit salad.


Eating fresh oranges or any citrus fruits really helpful they not only containing the fiber but they also containing flavonoid


It containing an insoluble type of fiber that will help for improving bowel movement.

c. Vegetables:-the vegetables which are rich in fiber are as follows:-



Sweet potatoes,


Bottle guard,

d.Green leafy vegetables:- all green leafy vegetables are rich in fiber .such as spinach, methi, etc.

e.Fats:-  It stimulates the flow of bile and lubricates the bowel. Butter, ghee, cooking oil are beneficial. but fried foods are strictly avoided.

f.Vitamins:-B group vitamins are beneficial you can take it by adding B group rich foods or supplement of the vitamin B complex. Specially brewer yeast helps the patient for regulating the bowel function.

g.Minerals:- adding potassium-rich foods and vegetables to the diet is beneficial, by giving coconut water, vegetables soup, or fruits rich in potassium is useful

h. Fluid:- about 3- 3.5-liter water can be taken for treating your constipation. Instead of normal water hot water is more beneficial. this is all about dietary management during constipation, following these 5 best way for constipation along with these dietary guidelines helps to fix your problem quickly.

5 best way for constipation are as follows:-

1.Drink more and more water:-

water helps to regulate your body functions and good for proper digestion, drinking less water will increasing the deposition of toxins into the body and harden the stool, difficulties arresting while passing the stool.

2.Taking foods which are rich in B complex group

3.Avoid Maida, fried foods, packed drinks, Papad, chutney, fast foods, sodas, pickles, carbonated drinks, chips, Kukura

4.Regular 30min exercise especially brisk walking, cycling, and increasing daily physical movement along with all these 5 best way for constipation really helpful in treating chronic constipation.

5.Includes chia seed and flax seeds in your diet they are a great source of fiber, along with Includes glucomannan supplement, which is highly rich in fiber.

so these are the 5 best way for constipation, which is purely based on diet and lifestyle modification anyone will be able to follow these at home.

what to not eat in constipation:- 

some foods are bad for constipation and they will trigger tour problems. avoiding those foods which worsen for treating constipation should avoid it:-

The list of these foods are as follows:-

all processed foods which are made from maida, such as biscuit, toast, cookies all fried foods. these all are rich in carbohydrates and less in fiber.

rice:- white rice is rich in carbohydrate, and less in fibre whereas brown rice is rich in fibre. so eating brown rice, instead of white rice is good.

lower water intake:-

drinking enough amount of water is not only good for treating constipation but also helpful to maintaining good kidney functions and removing all toxic substances from them.

low fiber intake:-

eating daily 25-30 grams of fiber is good for weight loss and preventing constipation. but a lower intake of fiber increases the risk of constipation.

Bonus tips:- along with these 5 best way for constipation, follow these bonus tips also that will help you to manage it more quickly. these bonus tips are as follows:-

before eating anything, drink 2-3 glass of water,  eat a meal slowly and chew it properly, after eating do immediately sit on Vajrasana pose also known as Diamond pose is really beneficial for treating constipation, hold your body in Vajrasana position for 1 min or as long as after that walk about 5-15 min and then drink hot water, do it regularly. Also eating 1/2 teaspoon of Isabgol in hot water is another best way of treating constipation at home. so these are all about of information on management and home treatment on constipation, including 5 best way for constipation and exact causes of constipation, objectives of managing it, the dietary treatment also including bonus tips.

important note:- before taking any medicine and laxative, please consult your personal dietitian or doctor but these 5 best ways for constipation will not suitable for everyone, so you identify which things are suitable for your body, with the help of your doctor and dietitian. because chronic constipation may be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome or any other disorder, because constipation itself is not a disease, it is a symptom of another disease. so if these 5 best way to treat your constipation were not cured your constipation, then you should be consulted with your doctor about knowing the exact cause of your constipation.

any question regarding with this 5 best way for constipation, write down in the comment box. our team will help you provide the information related to your question on constipation.

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