5 best health benefits of white rice

5 best health benefits of white rice

 5 best health benefits of white rice

are white rice really unhealthy..?? Know all about rice, eating white rice daily, healthy, or not…? so in this article you will get the answer about eating white rice healthy or not, after that how they beneficial for us, which are these 5 best health benefits of white rice.
Rice is a cereal grain and widely consumed by not only in India but also in all over the world . Most of the largest part of the world populations staple food is rice. In India, including the southern part, Assam, and Kashmir their staple food is the rice, also in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, China, and Japan there staple food is rice. so, before knowing its 5 best health benefits of white rice, take a short glance at its structure. 
Structure of Rice:-
  1. Husk:-
This is the first and loose covering of rice. It has no nutritive value and must remove this part before cooking the rice.
This is the layer which is nutritious and it containing nutrient and cellulose, but this layer is interferes for absorption of other nutrients, for that reason we best remove it.
3.Aleurone Layer:-
It is present below the bran layer and it is nutritious including vitamins, protein, minerals, and fat.
It is lies at the base of grain including nutrients and especially containing vitamin E.
Mainly it containing the starch, and 75 percent part of grains is of endosperms. then know the these 5 best health benefits of white rice help to enhance our nutritional status, but before it knows about its composition.


Some of the population has its staple food is rice and it is rich in starch , moderate protein, and less in fat , and other micro minerals like iron and calcium and one important factor are that it absorbs a considerable amount of water during cooking.

Rice Calories:-

About 100 grams of dry uncooked rice providing near about 350 kcal.

Rice Protein:-

It contains near about 7 percent protein, an important point is that these are deficient in amino acid lysine . But if we eat rice together with soybean and pulses then it will full fill it hence Indian dal chawal is the best combination to get good quality protein. Eating rice with shahi and buttermilk od milk is also good combination and the best quality protein. It helps to balancing your meal.
How to wash it properly for getting these 5 best health benefits of white rice:-
During the process of washing near about 33 percent of protein lost. For avoiding this , repeated rigorous washing is best for preserving vitamins.
How to cook properly for getting these 5 best health benefits from rice:-
Proper step of cooking is necessary , because the method of cooking determines the nutrient losses , some people are drained off the excess  water and during this process near about 33percent vitamins are lost mainly the thiamine which is known as vitamin B1.So avoiding these, just pour sufficient water for rice cooking.

Does fermented rice more nutritious:-

Yes, it is more nutritious and it provides good quality nutrition. Based on research, on eating two parts of rice with one part of urad dal, it showed fatty changes in the liver, but if it fermented these fatty changes avoided. Because fermented rice is rich in choline and folic acid hence even though southern Indians don’t eat much more protein still their liver will not get damaged because they eat fermented rice meals like idli, dosa, and dhokla.

Process of digestion of rice:-

We know it rice is readily digestible, but we chewed it properly the digestion occurs with ptyalin on mouth and completed with pancreatic and intestinal juices., during in an  acute illness smaller of rice with milk or milk products are easily digestible whereas dhal and chawal it produces too much bulk.
Process of absorption:-
Rice is completely absorbed by the intestine . The rice which is low in phosphorus , better absorb the minerals like calcium and iron. The rice-based diet increases iron absorption with 40 grams of fish.
Important Note:-
If your staple food is rice then it is the main source of the vitamin B complex.
But processes like milling, washing and cooking may lost over 75 percent of thiamine. hence the clinical deficiency of vitamin B complex occurs so avoid eating highly polished foods.
health benefits of eating white rice:-
generally, white rice undergoes so many processes to removing its bran covering, which they are the most nutritious for us, hence, white rice is known as “refined rice”. and eating white rice is considering an unhealthy option.
but white rice has some good nutrition also, these 5 best health benefits of white rice are as follows:-
  1. white rice due to the removal of the bran and germ layer enhances the taste, texture, and saving cooking time, hence most people don’t like the taste of brown rice.
  2. in some places, the white rice is fortified with iron, vitamins, and folic acid as well as much more nutrition.
  3. white rice is useful to patients, which they recommended to eat bland and low fiber diet.
  4. folic acid fortified white rice is a very good option for pregnant women.
  5. if someone has a difficulty in swallowing the food, then simple white rice with dal is a better option for them. these are the 5 best health benefits of white rice
Bottom Line about its 5 best health benefits of white rice:-
though white rice containing the 5 best health benefits of white rice, brown rice is healthier than white rice.
brown is more nutritious than white rice and it is rice in fiber, magnesium, vitamins, and minerals which helps to maintain your blood sugar level, high blood pressure, helps to weight loss, and keeps heart healthy.
so enjoy these 5 best health benefits of white rice but in moderation.

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