9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer

9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer

 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer

what is a peptic ulcer..?

before knowing it 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer, take a short glance at what is a peptic ulcer..? It is a chronic ulcer that lies in the gastrointestinal tract.
gastric juice gets direct contact with mucous membranes, usually, it is found in the first part of the duodenum and the stomach but in some cases, it occurs in the lower esophagus.

What causes Peptic Ulcer:-

these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer are based on what was the causes of it..?
No single thing is responsible for causing chronic peptic ulcer, Two or more combination of factors are responsible for forming the ulceration.
Generally, our digestive system is protected by the mucous membrane, and it helps to prevent from increasing acid layer,
in the case acid layer may increase or mucous layer may decrease resultant the process of ulcer formation develops.
Because acid responsible to create open pore or hole in the gastrointestinal system and it becomes painful and bleeding may occur.
Conditions such as acute or chronic duodenal ulcers, hiatus hernia, Curling’s ulcer out of that duodenal ulcer, and acute gastric erosion,
these are the most common causes of hematemesis means the condition of vomiting of blood.

Helicobacter Pylori:-

It is a bacterium commonly found in the stomach mucosa layer, Some research believes that H. Pylori may have only a single contributory role but not a role in peptic ulcer.
Another side is that it provides a lack of a link between the formation of peptic ulcer hence,
H. pylori is a further research matter for developing the risk of peptic ulcer or not.
Capsaicin is the main active principle present in chilies that causes the breaking of surface cells and increases the acid level. But research shows that chili’s role is responsible for the formation of peptic ulcers is double.
still, clinical doctors and dietitians recommended that during peptic ulcers it’s better to avoid chilies intake.
Other causes:-
Ruptured varices, Mallory – Weird syndrome
Rear cause of gastrointestinal bleeding in tuberculosis or typhoid ulcers,
large intestinal carcinoma,
Biliary tract bleeding,
Daily intake of painkiller,
Alcohol drinking,
Hot and spicy foods
Mucosal internal injuries,
These are some other causes they are also responsible for getting condition worst in peptic ulcers.
If you are unable to manage peptic ulcer properly it can lead to so many serious consequences and complication, some areas fallow:- so must follow these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer, and avoid the risk to get this serious type of complication which are listed below:-
Gastrointestinal bleeding,
Intestinal perforation,
Intestinal obstruction.
Painful hunger,
Frequent vomiting,
After eating foods feel burning and gnawing,
At an empty stomach feeling painful hunger,
Loss of weight
Hence, due to bleeding or reduced food intake, the risk of weight loss and nutrient deficiencies occurs,
So the basic objective to treat the patient is providing optimum nutrition and promote healing with the help of providing an appropriate diet.

these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer are as follows:-

Dietary guidelines for Peptic Ulcer with these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer are given below:-
  1. Don’t take ulcerogenic drugs such as corticosteroids, NSAIDs,
2.Avoid drinking tea and coffee as much as possible in case it difficult for you, then only drink
       1-  2 cups per day.
3.Take adequate physical and mental rest, do not put any extra physical or mental load on your body.
4.modify your diet according to your dietitian or doctor recommended.
5.Basic is that treatment in peptic ulcers directed towards pain relief.
6.Individual treatment must be based on their initial history taking such as their food habit, food tolerance, attitudes towards food, living situation.
7.At the stage of acute ulceration, a more modified diet is recommended for controlling acidity but when the patient’s pain disappears then feeding is based on the patient’s tolerance level.
8.Almost all varieties of foods can be permitted but in limit and moderation. excluded chilies and sour foods.
9.The best diet for peptic ulcer patients is the bland diet.
so, these are the 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer , but before applying it for peptic ulcer patient, should try to consult your personal dietitian.
During the acute painting stage milk and milk cream, about 100 grams per hour should be given with small feedings of easily digestible foods such as:-
Maida products,
Fruit custards,
Apple pie,
 Clear soup without adding any herbs,
Soft and ripened fruits,
Light dessert made up of milk,
Fallowed six meal pattern,
Low fiber fruits,
11.Overall, small, frequent, easy to digest foods, sippy diet, Bland diet is recommended. these all are the part of these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer.
(Note:- Sometimes milk can increase the acid level because of may be due to the calcium or amino acid content present in it
hence if after drinking milk if patients feel a burning sensation so avoid it.)
12.If patients feel constipation and flatulence for that support or low enema will help for it.
13 .During acute illness, fluid balancing, and electrolytes balancing are important.
Important Note for before applying these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer:-
For avoiding stomach distention must eat small meals.
Do not drink caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea.
Stop drinking alcohol,
Avoid smoking,
Do not take  In a large amount of aspirin.
Reduce the intake of chilies, avoid all the types of peppers such as black peppers, red peppers.
As much as possible eat food in a relaxed environment.
Antacids can be taken after meals or before bedtime.
For neutralizing acid, decreasing the level of acid secretion must be taken care of about your medicine which is advised by your doctor.
Taking adequate rest and sleep is an important part of these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer.

food list to be Avoided in 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer.

All the varieties of condiments and spices.
Irritating snack,
Fried foods,
Hot foods, hard texture foods,
High fiber foods,
Uncooked and hard foods,
Hard cake and pastries.
Sour fruits
What to eat for getting these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer:-
Milk and milk products,
Butter, ghee in moderation,
Sugar, jaggery,
Cooked rice,
Dal water, or beans in moderate,
Vegetable clear soup,
Potato, sweet potato,
Creams and cakes,
Soft chappatis,
Bread, biscuits,
Rice, oats, ragi, bajra
Beverages like buttermilk, light tea,
Drink enough amount of water.
the sample diet plan along with these 9 best diet tips for peptic ulcer is given below:-
Sample menu for the acute phase of peptic ulcer:-
 2 Scrambled egg + 2 bread + Oats porridge in milk
Plain biscuit with milk or any low fiber fruit or desserts
Cooked rice + dhal + Mashed potatoes or paneer bhurji without adding any spices + chappatis
after taking lunch if possible drink one cup of buttermilk
Cheese sandwich or vegetable soup or pastries with a cup of light tea
Boiled potato or mutton kheema or creamed potatoes with cheese paratha or kadhi chawal
Clear vegetable soup or Hot chocolate or milk
so use these 9 best diet tips for ulcer and increase the recovery rate of your peptic ulcer.

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